Thursday, November 19, 2015


She's not quite done in this pic - still need her red lace tiara and red hair bow here,
Oh...and her cheeks still need to be stitched on!  Real happy with this little gal.  She is from a pattern by Sarah Hansen of Dolls and Daydreams.  You can find Sarah's patterns here:

Very detailed instructions and very fun to make, but be warned - these dollies can be addicting!

I have two more winter-themed dolls cut out and ready to sew - can't wait!  Something about this time of the year that lends you permission to use all of the sparkle, color and design your little creative heart desires.

When I was buying the fabric for them the lady at the cutting counter of course asked me what I was making and I told her dolls.  She asked if I sold them - not currently.  She asked if I gave them as gifts - don't really know any little girls or boys of dolly age at the moment.  "Oh".   To which I responded after a bit of silence:
"You're never too old for dolls....right?"  Luckily she agreed.

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