Saturday, May 11, 2013


Another creation coming to life.  Full of pins and stitches.

Bunny-ish-ka has escaped from a circus in northern Eurasia.....  
which was hard as she doesn't have feet.
She mostly floated across the continent on a strong breeze aided by a polka-dotted umbrella that did not survive the entire trip.  
Bunny-ish-ka is currently searching for a den within her budget located in this strange, new land.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Fang loves piggy-tails in her hair, mud-puddle tea parties and chasing the boy monsters on the playground.

Sometimes she can be gross, but once you know her, she will be your best friend forever. 

Or until you stuff her in a box and lock her in the attic.

A picture of "Fang' in the early morning hours before lightening hit the conductor on top of the laboratory.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Late last the light of the moon...I sat in the glow of the lamplight  Ott-Light.

A creature was coming to life...stitch by stitch.

[insert:  insane craft-woman laughter here]

I will call it:  MOOSH-HEAD.

[insert: more insane craft-woman laughter here...just cuz it's fun]

Moosh is part fish, part moose.  It does not have extremities.  It is a head.  Thus: Moosh-Head.

I think I may finally be losing it.  The monsters are crawling out from underneath the bed in my head!